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Feasy is a social app that puts the users in contact to request or carry out purchases between them. Publish a list of products you need. Alternatively, candidate to purchase one. After being accepted go shopping and receive a tip at the delivery. Either way, enjoy your purpose: the product or the money.

Step by Step

  • Demander

  •   Create a list

    Group the products you need in a dedicated list. When it is complete, publish it indicating the time and place where you would prefer to receive it

  •   Choose the shopper

    Use reviews and statistics to choose from the candidate list the Shopper you prefer

  •   Receive your products

    Get your products easily and pay safely through the app

  • Shopper

  •   Find a list

    Filter for the most suitable list based on the place of delivery, schedule and more. Candidate for it and wait the Demander confirmation

  •   Go shopping

    Use our map to organize your movements between different shops

  •   Deliver and earn

    Deliver the products to the Demander and collect your tip


Where You Want

Receive your products at home or wherever you want

Save Time

Get you products even when you don’t have time

Around You

Find a delivery near your location

Earn a Tip

Make money by accumulating several tips

Our Team

Ludovico Novelli

Electronic Engineer

Alberto Arrighi

Electronic Engineer

Daniele Pettenuzzo

Electronic Engineer

Our team consists of three young electronic engineers from EPFL – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, motivated and looking for innovation

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